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    S'mores Cupcakes If you go camping just for the S’mores, these cupcakes are for you. Save the gas, kick back in your yard and pass around the plate. The very ... More

Crack Pie Crack Pie lives up its name. It doesn’t look like much, but don’t let appearances fool you. This sensation from Momofuku Milk Bar ... More

Mrs. A's Butter Tarts I won’t get into the runny vs. firm controversy here, except to say that I want to eat my butter tart, not wear it. These tarts are very ... More

Go South Butter Tarts Y’all can improve Canada-U.S. relations: Use cane syrup, beloved by Southerners, in the otherwise all-Canadian butter tart. I bought a p ... More

Maple Butter Tarts What could be more Canadian than butter tarts? Maple butter tarts, of course. These are a spin-off from my best butter tarts. However, they are muc ... More


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