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    Classic Channa Masala Curried chickpeas in tomato sauce are also known as channa or chole. No matter what you call it, this delicious dish is deservedly popular. It is a ... More

Smoked Cheese Risotto No one said risotto was diet food. Then again, no one said you can’t treat yourself. This luscious risotto is vegetarian, but it’s not ... More

Mashed Beans With Kale & Egg This meatless meal tempts me to lick the plate. Three’s company for the recipe: Because of the bean can size, you end up with a meal for ... More

Ethiopian Tikil Gomen I can’t get enough of this Ethiopian stew with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. It’s a traditional Lenten dish, but you can happily mop i ... More

Mujaddara Toronto’s Habeeb Salloum, an expert on Middle Eastern cooking, first introduced me to this Arab comfort food. It is a homey, economical, sati ... More


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Classic Channa Masala

Smoked Cheese Risotto

Mashed Beans With Kale & Egg

Ethiopian Tikil Gomen


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