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    D.I.Y. Pumpkin Purée Forget the canned stuff. Homemade pumpkin purée tastes pleasantly fresher and lighter. For the richest flavour, I prefer to start with roast ... More

Old World Red Cabbage Christmas dinner is not all about the turkey. On my table, the side dishes are like the presents under the tree. I serve a wide array of vegetables ... More

Spiced Parsnip & Apple Purée I can’t recall where I first found this recipe, but I’m glad I did. It's a fine addition to harvest and holiday menus. The combinat ... More

Grilled Sesame Sweeties A griller does not live by meat alone. Toss some sweet potatoes on the barbie, embellish them with Asian accents and enjoy the delicious nourishmen ... More

Mexican-Style Grilled Corn Consume this outside and wear your old clothes. It is as messy as it is delicious, so you don’t just eat this – you devour it. The reci ... More


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D.I.Y. Pumpkin Purée

Old World Red Cabbage

Spiced Parsnip & Apple Purée

Grilled Sesame Sweeties

Mexican-Style Grilled Corn

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