Thick of Things

For the thickest, coldest shakes and smoothies, freeze the fruit in chunks, including the bananas. Freeze fruit on trays, so it doesn’t clump, then transfer to zip-lock bags to have it readily on hand. You’ll need a powerful

S is for Scapes

The flower stalks of garlic bulbs are called scapes. They look like chives on steroids. Scapes are sometimes called garlic flowers (although they have no actual flowers) or garlic whips (because they are curly). Scapes are milder

G is for Green Garlic

A garlic plant starts out as a wee bulb with a green shoot. This is green garlic a.k.a. young garlic, spring garlic or baby garlic. A farmer may pull it out when thinning a garlic patch, or harvest it on purpose as a delicacy.