Handling Fennel

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Trim, slice and dice fennel efficiently. Slice off the top with the tough stalks and fronds. Trim a thin slice off the base of the bulb. Cut the bulb in half, top to bottom. Cut out the pyramid-shaped core in each section. Discard any outer layers that are turning brown. Slice or dice the bulb halves. BTW: Don’t throw away the tender, leafy fronds; you can use them as you would an herb. The tough stalks can be saved to flavour soups or stews. Tenderizing fennel, pg. 257 in 12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets.

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12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets

Paperback, 704 pages
Publisher: Robert Rose

In thousands of entries on every aspect of cooking and baking, Susan Sampson provides expert information that is indispensable in any kitchen, including: keeping produce safe from spoilage, protecting equipment from nasty bacteria, shortcuts, embellishments, restaurant tricks, presentation tips, party planning and recipe development.

Whether just browsing or desperately trying to solve a vexing emergency, every home cook will treasure this book.

Susan Sampson (a.k.a. The Fare Lady) is an award-winning food writer and recipe developer who lives in Toronto.